the secret plan against Brad Pitt

Gossip Divided since 2016, the most famous couple in Hollywood still cannot divorce: apparently it would be all the actress’s fault – Published on 11 August 2022 – – – – – The war between Angelina Jolie e Brad Pitt. After the breakup announced in 2016, the two most beautiful actors in Hollywood have not […]

James Webb Space Telescope shows ‘age of babies in universe’

James Webb James Webb (named after a now deceased NASA administrator) was developed by the United States, Europe, and Canada. The space telescope was launched on Christmas Day. It is the successor to the famous Hubble Space Telescope, which is drawing to a close. In late January, after about a month of flying, James Webb […]

Video: Mārtiņš Dambergs tests the ‘Maserati Grecale’ SUV

“Grecale” is the latest of “Maserati” models – and now it has also reached the Latvian market. Content will continue after the ad Advertising – The program “Tavs Auto TV” of the studio “RJ76 Films” goes with this car on the road with a person who is able to appreciate the cultural, artistic and architectural […]

Dutch malaria treatment prevents transmission of the parasite

A new treatment against malaria, which blocks the transmission of parasites through mosquito bites, has for the first time been successfully tested on people, the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) in Nijmegen in the United States said on Thursday. east of the Netherlands. Malaria is one of the most problematic infectious diseases in the world, […]

Facebook is testing the default end-to-end encryption in Messenger

Facebook has been offering end-to-end encrypted chats for Messenger since 2016. But this service needs to be enabled for each individual chat session for users to stay informed, and keeping conversations secure is a bit of a hassle. When not ready Things have now changed to enable encryption by default at the end of last […]

Andy Murray explains why beating Djokovic was his favorite win in Canada

Andy Murray revealed that beating Novak Djokovic in the 2015 National Bank Open final was his favorite Canadian Masters win. Murray, 35, is a three-time champion in Canada and has won the National Bank Open twice in Montreal and once in Toronto. Murray won his first National Bank Open title in 2009 when he defeated […]