Milky Way Galaxy Evolution Revealed, Age Older Than Expected!

The evolution of the Milky Way galaxy has been revealed thanks to the Chinese and European duo. They work together to find out the certainty of our galaxy. The study used data from ESA’s GAIA mission. Astronomers have finally shown that the oldest part of the Milky Way is a ‘thick disk’. Estimates of the […]

Mixed feelings for owner of New York Jets, for failed attempt to buy Chelsea FC

Woody Johnson, owner of the Jets since 2000, was attracted to the idea of ​​a connection between the New York and London franchises, he admitted. The CEO of the New York Jets, Woody Johnsonwho made an unsuccessful attempt to acquire the Chelsea Football Club from English Premier Leagueexpressed mixed feelings about the result. “Don’t get […]

The orbit of a small asteroid changes forever after flying close to Earth

A galactic astronomer who spotted a small asteroid just hours before it hit Earth earlier this month almost had a second windfall when he spotted another space rock coming on a collision course with the planet. But this time, the body missed the ground by a few thousand miles. Kristian Sarnitsky, an astronomer at the […]

Banks, retirees will have a problem

There is no good news coming for account holders. Problems are also expected for many retirees. Here’s what happens (Pixabay) They await stinged important for those who have a Bank account at the bank. In fact, there is no good news for Italian consumers and taxpayers. A economic situation which continues to interfere with the […]

Dutch (29) died in Uganda: ‘She had an enormous love for children’ | Inland

Child Care Africa Foundation plunged into mourning Amsterdam – The Dutch Dorian Cosijnse (29) was killed in a serious traffic accident in northern Uganda on Saturday afternoon. Born and raised in Arnhem, Cosijnse did development work in the Kotido District for the Child Care Africa (CCA) foundation. Another Dutch woman (22) was slightly injured.

Economy | Interview with the director of Pôle emploi des Bouches-du-Rhône: “Half of job seekers change jobs”

What are the professions in tension today? Jean-Charles Blanc: Sectors that were in structural tension before the economic crisis are even more so today. Generally, there are recruitment needs everywhere but in some places, they are greater: installation and maintenance (+4%), personal and community services (+8%), health (+ 13%), hotels, restaurants and tourism (+20%), transport […]