Darin Angelov with poignant confessions before BLIC for “Drops” and “Lies in us”! PHOTOS

Darin Angelov loves the stage and the challenges it offers him, whether he is in the theater or in front of the camera. And what happens behind the scenes is usually no less intriguing, he writes show.blitz.bg Currently, the actor is participating in the tenth anniversary season of the cult show for imitations “Like two … Read more

Possibly only compensation for Surinamese Dutch people with an old-age pension

– Minister Schouten of Social Affairs is working on a scheme through which Surinamese Dutch citizens with an old-age pension can receive an ‘allowance’. That writes De Volkskrant today. No money has been set aside for this in the coalition agreement. This must be released during the consultation on the Spring Memorandum in the coming … Read more

Former Chief of Defense warns: – Then it will be really dangerous to be the West

Reports are now ticking in that Russian forces are being repulsed in several places in Ukraine, and Ukrainian spokesmen claim that the Russians are withdrawing in several cities. General and Norway’s former Chief of Defense, Sverre Diesen, is not surprised. – It seems to apply in several places and it is probably just a confirmation … Read more

“Identitti” comes to the theater

FFor goddesses, changing appearances is of course not a problem. Especially not for Kali, the multi-armed, blue-skinned woman, who in Mithu Sanyal’s novel “Identitti” also shows a downright joke. Now Kali has landed on the stage: already in November 2021, half a year after the publication of the novel, at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf and now, … Read more