Scientist Translate Cobwebs Into Music

The prey trapped in the web makes very different vibrations from other spiders coming to woo, or a breeze. Each strand of the net produces a different tone. A few years ago, scientists translated the three-dimensional structure of spider webs into music, working with artist Tomas Saraceno to create an interactive musical instrument, entitled Spider’s […]

famous presenter revealed the truth about Barsky

Recently, Max Barskikh has quarreled with a good part of Russian show business. After a series of skirmishes, revelations “flew” at the artist’s address, which could destroy the image of the “heartthrob”. On the YouTube channel «Alena, damn it!“leader Alena Zhigalova called Barsky to account. Allegedly, he fooled fans for years, and secretly twisted a […]

Actor Jared Leto didn’t have money for comic books as a kid

Hollywood actor Jared Leto could have imagined stealing comic books as a child. “We didn’t really have the money for it – I know comics were pretty cheap – but we didn’t have any extra money to buy things like that,” said the 50-year-old in an interview with dpa. “I suppose I would have stolen […]

The Grands Crus of Bordeaux beat a…

On the occasion of the presentation of the 2019 vintage at Paris 3, at the Carreau du Temple, on March 21, Ronan Laborde, president of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, took stock of the 2021 sales of the category, in France. and internationally. After a year 2020 marked by a 17% decline in […]

for the presidential election, she will vote for this “great animal defender”

She was one of Eric Zemmour’s early supporters for the 2022 presidential election, even before the columnist changed his hat to enter the race for the Elysée. But Brigitte Bardot did not really appreciate the last words of the founder of the Reconquest party. The former actress who devotes her life to the animal cause […]

A playlist to discover Ukrainian music

On Spotify, la playlist “Stand with Ukraine” invites you to discover many Ukrainian artists from diverse and varied musical genres. This playlist was created by journalists from Latvia, the description of the playlist reads: “In light of current events in Ukraine, music journalists and the wider music communities in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have created […]