200 asylum seekers from Ter Apel to emergency shelters

About 200 asylum seekers were brought in buses from the application center in Ter Apel to reception locations in Budel in Brabant and Vledder in Drenthe, the COA reports. Because the asylum seekers have been transferred, no people seem to have to sleep on chairs tonight.

After consultation, three buses from commercial carriers turned out to be available and a bus from the Transport and Support Service, which arranges, among other things, the transport of detainees for the Judicial Institutions Service.

“That is the first time that they have assisted and we are very happy with that,” says a spokesperson for the COA. ANP news agency reports that consultations have also been held with the Ministry of Defense about the deployment of drivers and equipment, but that consultation has come to nothing.

Shortage of buses and drivers

Recently, refugees for whom there was no place left in Ter Apel could not immediately go to another reception location, because there was no transport for them. Last night, eleven people had to make do with a chair in the waiting area.

On May 11, it seemed that dozens of asylum seekers had to spend the night outdoors at Ter Apel:

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