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Part of the images of the successful candidates of the boys group audition of which YOSHIKI is the producer and discovers the “next superstar” who will challenge the world, has been released.

At the , auditions are held to create two groups: a “musical group” and a “group of boys”. YOSHIKI, who is currently in France, made a live telephone appearance on “Sukkiri” (Nippon TV) on September 27th. He revealed the shocking fact that 20 people have already passed the audition.

The full version of “YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X”, which will be released on Hulu from October 2nd, will reveal the faces of 20 people every week. Additionally, on the same day, “Kansenjou Where You Can Queue” (Nippon TV) will also air the Los Angeles location featuring guest judges Gene Simmons, Travis Payne and Roger Love.


On October 2, 2022 (Sunday), exclusive distribution on the online video distribution service “Hulu” will begin following the broadcast of “The Counseling Center where you can queue”.
Episode 2 onwards will be delivered additionally every Saturday from 00:00.
The latest news is also broadcast on Nippon Television’s “Sukkiri” and “Koudan no Kanjojo” at all times.

[Giudici ospiti]*In alphabetical order
・ Kazuki (s ** t kingz)
・ Ogi “Poggy” Motofumi
Sarah Brightman
・ Atsushi Kano
・ Gene Simmons
・ Buson
・ Tiffany Godoy
・ Travis Payne
・ Koichi Nakazawa
・ Rino Nakasone
・ Akihiro Namba
・ Marty Friedman
・ Hiroaki Yokoyama
・ Ryonryon
・ Roger Love

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