2 TNI-owned frigate warships took 69 months of work

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) and Rosyth Royal Dockyard Ltd. (Babcock) will collaborate to build two Frigate Arrowhead 140 (AH40) ships. It is planned that the two ships will be built within 69 months.

In the press release received CNNIndonesia.com on Saturday (18/9), the ship will use the main engine (main engine) specification 4×9100 kW.

The warship design (AH40) is said to be similar to the British Type 31 frigate manufactured by Babcock International in Rosyth, Scotland.

With such a power supply, the ship can go up to a speed of 28 knots with a maximum continuous rating (MCR) condition or the maximum output that can be produced by a power station continuously under normal conditions.

In addition, PT PAL also gives priority endurance (the time the ship can resume operations under special conditions such as running out of fuel) at 18 knots at 9,000 NM.

The frigate will be equipped with a 4×1360 kW Diesel Generator and 1×180 kW emergency D/G. The ship is also equipped with a Bow Thruster of 925 kW for easy maneuverability.

For weaponry, the ship will be equipped with missiles to support air defense. The missile has a vertical launcher missile surface to air medium range specification of 3×8 cells.

The ship is increasingly equipped with a vertical launcher missile surface to air long range of 4×8 cells, and a vertical launcher missile surface to surface long range of 2×8 cells.

PT PAL claims that the installation process uses the Fit For But Not With (FFBNW) system.

The signing of the cooperation between PT PAL Indonesia and Babcock took place on Thursday (16/9) by CEO Kaharuddin Djenod and CEO David Lockwood, witnessed by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto in London, England.

Babcock was selected after considering the company’s portfolio and track record as a provider of modern naval technology. Babcock acted as the design provider.

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