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1963! From this year, engines come, the production of which is being restored in Russia

The engines will be used in Nizhny Novgorod GAZ buses and trucks. The production of these components was almost stopped at the end of 2021, but the current situation forces the Russians to go back to the old solutions the broadcaster said.

As he recalled, car factories in Russia have lost access to modern electronics, security systems and engines, among others. For these reasons, the Moscow government has allowed the production of cars according to the standards of the early 90s, i.e. without airbags.

There are only 14 foreign auto brands left on the Russian market, 10 of which are Chinese. At the beginning of the year, there were 60 of them. The rest left Russia as a result of the sanctions imposed on that country due to aggression against Ukraine. New car sales in the country are down 61% year over year, currently down 78%. of sales are Chinese-made cars, the BBC noted earlier this month.

In the third decade of November, it was reported that Russia had resumed the production of Moskvitch cars, known from the times of the USSR. Production has started in Moscow, at plants taken over by French automaker Renault, which followed in the footsteps of other Western brands and withdrew from the Russian market. Previously – until the end of 2001 – this factory, founded in 1930, belonged to Moskwicz.

Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, more than 400 global companies have left Russia, leaving behind billions of dollars in assets.

Source: Radio Swoboda, Za ruliom, niezalezna.pl




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