18 migrants died and many injured at border in Morocco

It informs Moroccan authorities.

Spanish authorities say that a crowd of 2,000 people arrived at the border between Morocco and Melilla at dawn, and that around 500 managed to enter the border control area after cutting holes in the fence.

Morocco’s Interior Ministry says the deaths occurred when people tried to climb over the fence at the border. Some died when they fell, and many were crushed and trampled.

At least 76 migrants and 140 policemen were injured, according to Moroccan authorities. Spain only says that 49 policemen were slightly injured.

It was the first time a large crowd has tried to break into the two Spanish enclaves on the Moroccan coast since the two countries repaired their diplomatic relations last month.

Melilla and Ceuta have the EU’s only border with Africa, which makes them attractive destinations for migrants trying to get to Europe.

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