15-year-old Roch Krukowski with Olympic success

Particularly valuable is the result achieved by the latter (who was 15 years and 9 days old on July 29). Roch is following in the footsteps of his older brother, the Polish record holder – also a competitor of Warszawianka, 30-year-old Marcin Krukowski (89.55 m with an 800-gram javelin). Both are trained by their father, 53-year-old Michał Krukowski (in 1998 – 70.81 in javelin, in 1993 – 7270 points in decathlon, and in 1999 – 2.04 in high jump).

Few people know that Michał Krukowski managed to build a wonderful house with a castle tower in Nowa Wieś near Serock. And his characteristic property is called Krukoland. It seems, however, that the javelin team, consisting of a father and two sons (Marcin is a son from his first marriage), deserves the name more.

Recently, Marcin has had a bad time with PZLA (it was about, among others, anti-covid vaccination) and this year’s season, for various reasons, may be considered lost. However, everything indicates that soon his younger brother will appear next to him in the Polish national team, whose talent even makes him a future world record holder.