14-year-old daughter Trofim was broken by participation in the show “Voice”

The girl did not sing for months even for herself.

The daughter of the famous artist Sergei Trofimov, Lisa, became the finalist of the Voice show in 2021. Then she failed to become the winner of the season, she took only second place.

The singer admitted in a recent interview that because of the show, 14-year-old Lisa “overstrained”, abandoned her dream of pop music and stopped singing even for herself.

Family psychologist Natalia Panfilova believes that the danger of creative competitions for children lies in the grades. It is difficult for a child to understand why he did not get the prize when he did everything right.

The specialist believes that proper parental support is important.

“If a parent says: “And I would give you first place!” – then this may not be the best support for the child. On the contrary, it can plunge into some kind of depression, they say, the world is unfair, I am an outcast of this world, and a child can wind up a lot of things, ”the expert told PopCornNews.

Panfilova also recalled that creative people, regardless of age, are extremely vulnerable. Such children perceive criticism and competition more sharply, and the desire for first place can really destroy the desire to develop their talent.

“Of course, if the child has concluded that now it will be exactly like this and no matter what he does, he will always be “second”, then he can decide: either let there be first place, or nothing,” the expert concluded.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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