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12 computers are delivered to school; one is for Juanito

Private companies and the Ministry of Education delivered electronic devices to Juan Gabriel Juca. Courtesy

After the name of Juan Gabriel Juca was known throughout Ecuador through the audio in which he excused himself from delivering his homework soon because he was about to give birth to his “cuchi”, private companies and the Education Coordination of Zone 6 (Azuay , Cañar and Morona Santiago) gave several recognitions to the boy from the Guachapala canton.

Through a caravan that started in Cuenca, Juan, his sister, and teacher Nancy Monroy, with whom the boy excused himself, received electronic devices to improve his access to online education.

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For its part, the Ministry of Education delivered 12 computers and furniture to the “Ciudad de Guachapala” school, an institution that Juan attends. For this, according to the zonal Coordination, 10,000 dollars were invested.

In addition to this, the child received the highest award “I educate with responsibility.” Professor Monroy also received the “Yo educo” award for the support she has given to the students, who attend the “Ciudad de Guachapala” school, in the midst of the health emergency. (AWM) – (I)

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