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10 years after his death: Where are Joko Rosic’s knives? – 2024-03-02 20:44:27

On February 21, 10 years passed without the unforgettable Joko Rosic. The only heir to the actor’s estate was his daughter Irina, who has been living in Canada for a long time. Friends of the legendary artist say that she first sold his apartment near the Sitnyakovo market in Sofia, and more recently his country villa in Boykovets. His daughter also parted with his entire collection of rifles and knives, which, however, ended up in safe hands and were bought by prominent businessmen, bankers and doctors, writes “Retro”.

“The daughter did not take much from the apartment. Property prices had not yet soared. Now a family with small children lives in it,” said friends of Rosic, who gather every year at his favorite market place to honor his memory. They were most sorry for his collection of knives, which he had collected since his youth, because it would be nice to have them displayed in a museum. He has owned blades since the Liberation and both world wars. At the time of the Soviet Union, he even risked being arrested and hid his collection in “Kremikovtsi”, where at that time most collectors collected all kinds of valuable objects. His country cottage, which he adored until the end, also fell into good hands and was maintained. The new owners did a complete renovation. They also repainted the facade of the one-story villa, and the actor’s friends, who he liked to gather for a sit-down there, could no longer recognize the building. According to the locals, his daughter managed to get no more than 40 thousand BGN at the sale. That’s how much the properties in the area were going, and the price was low because Rosich’s villa needed a major refresh. After his death, it was deserted for years and the natural elements did not forgive it. At least now there were no 2-meter weeds in the yard. It was clean and tidy.

Joko’s daughter Irina worked as a nurse in Canada, where she lives with her family for a long time. She is from his first marriage. Otherwise, the great love of the actor with the most unforgettable voice in Bulgarian cinema is his second wife Liliana. They have no children together, and her son from her first marriage was raised by Rosic as his own. He dies ridiculously far too young by choking on a pie while eating breakfast in the Eagle Bridge underpass.

Liliana passed away shortly before Rosic from pancreatic cancer. After her death, the actor broke down, and the sadness for her crushed him. “One cannot live with loneliness. I thought that after 4-5 months of her death, I would get used to it, but no – it’s getting more and more scary. I talk to Liliana all the time, I can’t accept that she is gone. And today, when I enter the house, I call her name first, but she doesn’t answer me. I didn’t believe that in a big city a person could be so lonely,” the actor confessed shortly before leaving.

In the last years of his life he had retinal degeneration in both eyes. His unforgettable voice was cut down by Reinike’s disease. Rosic passed away on February 21, 2014 in Lozenets Hospital, having previously undergone surgery for a brain tumor in Pirogov.

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