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10 tips for traveling in Quebec without breaking the bank this summer

With the current pandemic and the economic ravages it has caused, many Quebecers have revised their travel intentions for the summer. One in five can no longer afford to go on vacation as planned and 46% of Quebecers plan to stay within the province, according to the recent CAA-Quebec survey.

Here are 10 tips for traveling in Quebec without breaking the bank this summer.

1. A budget to see more clearly

By setting a budget for your vacation, you will be better able to determine the duration of your trip and the amount to invest per day for accommodation, gas, activities and food. A budget allows you to really have peace of mind on vacation and above all, to keep that peace of mind when seeing your bank account when they return.

Many apps finance have been designed specifically for travel, for example Trail Wallet, NomadWallet and TravelSpend.

2. High season, low season

In July and August, accommodation and fuel costs are most of the time much higher than during the rest of the year, when there are “low season” rates. And yet, September is often still hot and sunny! If you cannot wait by then, you can cut the pear in half and give yourself a few days of vacation in high season and resume again later in the year.

3. The pre-departure grocery store

If it is advisable to travel without making too many stops this year due to the risk of spreading COVID-19, this directive will also allow you to save a lot of money. By making a pre-departure grocery store, you’ll avoid a host of unnecessary little snacks and coffee purchases on the go. These small expenses accumulate quickly and are expensive at the end of the day.

For an economical menu on vacation, it’s the same as at home: you make the food yourself and plan ahead, so that you don’t create any leftovers.

4. Long live the rentals

Some companies, as well as some Facebook groups, offer rental of camping and outdoor equipment. Inquire! You will not need to buy a tent at full price to leave for two or three days and you will allow someone who lets their equipment sleep on a shelf to make their purchase profitable. It’s win-win!

5. The five-star night

The choice of accommodation will have a major influence on the cost of your trip. For a stay at a low price, remember to book in lodges and hostels (which we forget do not only offer beds in dormitories) rather than in hotels.

If you go camping, zecs often offer less expensive land than in popular national parks. And in addition, there are generally far fewer people there. And for the more adventurous, some rare wilderness camping sites are accessible for free in Quebec, especially in the Groulx mountains on the road to Fermont or by canoe on the Mistassini river, in the Grandes-Rivières Regional Park.

6. Traveling by bike

Sport, means of transport or holiday occupation, cycle tourism implies being well equipped, but once the investment is made, it will allow you to save a lot on the gas bill and this, for many future journeys. To try it is to adopt it, cycling enthusiasts swear by that!

7. Choose what’s free

Before leaving, find the free activities at your destination. Certain regional and / or municipal parks are accessible free of charge, as are several beaches across Quebec. The tourist sites by region of Quebec mostly offer lists of free activities. Worth a look!

8. The call to the community

The little night at the hotel on the road to Lac-Saint-Jean puts you off a bit? Let your contacts go! Does a friend’s sister have a backyard perfect for pitching a tent overnight, or a coworker’s mother went on vacation and can you leave her house? Take advantage of it. Act safely, be courteous, be grateful to your host and voila.

You can also opt for a platform like Couchsurfing in Quebec, which will allow you to stay with hosts in many cities. Just as in lodges and other accommodation, take all the same precautions to avoid physical contact and to respect the distancing measures in force.

9. Rent your home

Conversely, you can also sublet your house or apartment for the duration of your vacation and allow other people who visit your region to benefit. Some manage to make a large percentage of their trip profitable by doing so.

10. Everything happens online

Book your paid activities online and monitor the offers of tourist places you will visit through networks and newsletters. Many discounts are hidden there! And in addition, it will excite you all the more to the idea of ​​leaving!

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