10 Things to Know Before Buying a Bugatti

The option with the familiar craftsman Vasya, who with his eyes closed will change the oil and brake pads for Chiron, is better to immediately rule out – the company will not approve of this.

7. Change tires frequently

We do not know how often you replaced the tires, but in the case of the Bugatti, you will have to do this every 4 thousand kilometers. It is better not to count on the cheapness of Michelin tires capable of withstanding speeds above 400 km / h. They cost from 30 thousand to 42 thousand dollars.

8. Become a brand ambassador

Simply put, light the car in the appropriate setting. Take the lead from movie stars, athletes and music performers who are among the owners of Bugatti. These guys have videos and photos with a hypercar and you should have them too.

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