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10 reasons not to do the ketogenic diet

    They give them to us from the platform Coherent Diet. These 10 reasons stop the decision to start making the famous ketogenic diet that, for those who by now do not know what it is about, we briefly summarize.

    It is a very low carbohydrate diet (less than 20 g / day), moderate in protein (between 15 and 25% of kcal daily) and high in fat (between 65 and 70% of kcal daily), explain the experts of Coherent Diet. It has risen like foam because it is effective in losing weight, but is everything worth it?

    They continue explaining that, Under normal conditions, carbohydrates (that is, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes …) are our main source of energy. Thus, when the consumption of hydrates in the diet is very low, hypoglycemia can also occur, causing the body to consume the accumulated glycogen.

    The next step is when the muscle and liver glycogen has run out. This is when the metabolism “burns” muscle mass and finally, fat deposits, forming ketone bodies that, although reducing appetite, generate many side effects.

    “The rapid initial weight loss that occurs in this diet is mainly due to the loss of fluids due to the accumulated glycogen consumption and not due to a loss of fat mass”, they say from Coherent Diet. They explain that until the third day of consuming less than 15g of daily carbohydrates, they don’t start to “burn” the fat deposits to transform them into fuel due to the glucagon hormone, produced in the pancreas.


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    Unwanted effects

    So explained this, here are the 10 reasons why you are recommended not to start this practice that are, in reality, 10 adverse effects of this famous diet:

    1. The excess of ketogenic bodies and the rapid loss of water and electrolytes can cause bad breath and sweat and urine with a very strong smell, especially in the first weeks.
    2. The lack of glucose in the brain causes lack of concentration, dizziness, headache and lethargy.
    3. It reduces muscle mass and metabolism speed and this negatively impacts athletic performance.
    4. In the medium and long term, it represents a risk because it is deficient in some types of micronutrients and because it also favors the rebound effect.
    5. It causes memory losses by depriving the brain of its main fuel.
    6. It can cause intestinal problems and constipation due to the lack of prebiotic fiber that comes from vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
    7. Increases the risk of increased cholesterol and cardiovascular pathologies.
    8. Increases the risk of kidney stones (because ketogenic bodies are expelled in the urine) and osteoporosis (due to the lower fixation of calcium and excess protein).
    9. Promotes inflammation and premature aging by the accumulation of free radicals.
    10. It is not a sustainable diet over time because it is not compatible with social life.
      1. Do you need more reasons?

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