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10 educational channels in Spanish on YouTube that you should follow

YouTube It is a world and platform that can provide us with many benefits in different areas, for example in music, entertainment, cooking, makeup, sports, etc. Another topic and one of the most demanded around the world is education. And it is that for any person and public, these channels have many scopes, from the smallest to the oldest.

It is not news that the new and not so new generations are formed or learn through videos explanatory of any subject. Whether from mathematics, drawing, music, language or history, any subject has a place in the world of YouTube where you can learn in a fun and different way.

Here we show you the 10 most popular educational Spanish channels on YouTube and that can help you to continue training in any aspect.

Learn Free

At Free Learn channel, you will find a platform where you can browse more than 2000 courses, tutorials, guides and manuals so you can learn on your own.

His YouTube channel is experiencing a jump in subscribers and already has video tutorials on pattern making, tailoring, use of Excel, English for nursing first aid, Photoshop, entrepreneurship … among others.


David Calle, a math teacher, has one of the most famous math channels in Spain and Latin America. His channel already has more than 1.2 million subscribers and more than 750 videos on mathematics, physics and chemistry for boys from ESO.


In this YouTube channel of divulgationYou will find training content in science, entrepreneurship, innovation and economics told in a very pleasant way, through videos created in a very pleasant way and explanations that reach all audiences.


ExpCaseros is one of the educational channels with the most followers among the Spanish-speaking public. With more than 10 million subscribers, and an audience of such a varied age from children to adults that they are drawn to different experiments fun and new.

Khan Academy in Spanish

In this channel you will find a science, math, physics, and economics content. Targeting a profile as broad as that of elementary school children to university students, you will find a new and interesting way to learn through illustrative videos.

Your Guitar Classes

Your Guitar Classes is a educational music channel where you will learn to play the guitar from scratch, with dynamic and interesting tutorials learning to play the guitar will be easy for you.

Through these tutorials Mario Freiria will indicate the melody notes for you to learn as with a private teacher.


Learn to program It is not at all simple, but if you can count on playful and easy courses and tutorials, learning becomes much easier. In Codejobs with tutorials in Spanish you will learn to handle and use different languages ​​such as React.js, javascript, php, HTML, CSS and much more.

Art Fun

Arte Divierte is one of the channels dedicated to drawing and art of the many on YouTube, but one of the best. Here you will learn different techniques of drawing, painting and illustration, from the hand of the Mexican artist Leonardo Pereznieto, a world renowned artist.


In this channel of sex education For young people and people of all ages, you will receive advice on sexuality from professionals with proven and quality information. Anna is the founder of PlatanoMelón, who explains everything clearly and easily.

English friends

A young couple, a Spanish and a British from Madrid, are the creators of Amigos Ingleses, a channel with English classes most enjoyable. They produce very funny videos with everyday situations with which you will surely learn English in a different way.

This compilation can be very useful, especially If you need help or some reinforcement in any of the areas mentioned. Also, it never hurts to learn something new and know when to use it.
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