? The Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner tumbles to 454 € (limited time)

The Roborock S6 autonomous vacuum cleaner— The Roborock S6 is from this new generation of high-end robot vacuum cleaner. Equipped with a laser vision as well as a powerful navigation software allowing to map the rooms during its displacement, it optimizes its trajectory and methodically cleans the house. You can consult our test of the Roborock S6.

Thanks to a coupon, the online merchant Gearbest lowers the price of the robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S6. With this promotional code, the price is effectively reduced to 454.28 euros (excluding optional shipping guarantee). If you choose the “EU priority Line” delivery method at 7.72 euros and without subscribing to the optional shipping guarantee, the total delivery price included is 462 euros.

This good plan is available by going to this Gearbest page. On the validation page of your order, you just have to transcribe the following coupon in the associated field: GBSTSDJS6 . Warning of rigor, this coupon has a limited quantity of applications.

His smartphone, but also Alexa as an interface

The Roborock S6 autonomous vacuum cleaner has all the capabilities of a high-end domestic machine. He can be controlled with his smartphone, and better still, you can tell him in which room to carry out the cleaning just by selecting it on the navigation map that the robot vacuum cleaner will have previously built.

The Roborock S6 is also 20% faster and 50% quieter than its predecessor, the Roborock S5. It can of course return to charge on its own, it is compatible with Alexa to receive voice commands, and its endurance is very important with 2:30.

Gearbest: the rising e-commerce site

The Gearbest e-commerce site is becoming more and more popular in France. And for good reason: this Asian merchant indeed sells Hi-Tech products, ranging from smartphones to quadcopters through the connected home, at prices usually more competitive than those offered by traditional giants of e-commerce.

This is the originality of the merchant Gearbest. We are used to resellers who are well established with us: the Americans Amazon and eBay, or Cdiscount. Gearbest is a Chinese site whose growth beyond China is fully assumed. You will note that the prices indicated can be modified slightly between two passages on the site. This is caused by the fluctuation in the exchange rate between the euro that a European internet user will see and the dollar taken for reference. Unambiguous: these are products which, once your order has been placed, will for some be imported from Asia. However, Gearbest is currently expanding the number of its warehouses in Europe, which allows it to offer a much lower delivery time without the risk of additional costs or customs delays.

Also: you will note that the number of products available is impressive … and at the same time reduced. And for good reason: there are products from famous Chinese brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus for mobile devices, or DJI for drones, however you will not see generally unavoidable brands such as Apple or Samsung. On the other hand, we discover devices from Chinese companies unknown in France, numerous, visually attractive but offered at a price much lower than their equivalent in the brands we are used to.

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