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[정치]Party government disagrees with the 4th subsidy… the power of the people “from the housekeeping”


Even before the third disaster subsidy payment began, the fourth subsidy was on the rise in politics.

In addition, while the Democratic Party is putting its power on the claim to pay the entire population, Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki said it is too early to discuss and opposes, saying that it is necessary to selectively support it.

The power of the people criticized the stance between the party and the political parties before they said additional support.

Reporter Kim Dae-geun reports.


Ahead of the 3rd disaster subsidy payment, the Democratic Party together emphasized the possibility of additional support.

[신영대 / 더불어민주당 대변인 : 재난피해지원금 지급 실태를 면밀히 살피고, 추가적으로 필요한 지원을 신속하고 유연하게 준비하겠습니다.]

Representative Lee Nak-yeon also said that this support fund would not be sufficient, and that he would prepare additional support by examining the corona situation.

Depending on the situation, it is interpreted that it has once again emphasized the existing position that it is possible to review the national disaster subsidies.

Democratic Party officials predicted that if the 2.5 steps for distance distancing were lowered as there was consensus within the party, measures to support the whole people would be discussed in earnest.

At the same time, the Democratic Party is speeding up the supplementation of uniform business restrictions.

It is expected that, in consultation with the government, it will be announced within this week as soon as possible, in consultation with the government, to set a difference in capacity by area, and accordingly, to ease business restrictions after 9pm.

We plan to discuss with the financial authorities how to institutionalize support for small business owners when business is restricted.

However, it emerged as a variable as Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki publicly opposed the allegation of the national disaster support payment.

He said that the discussion on the 4th disaster subsidy is early, and that selective support is desirable if necessary.

When disagreements were expressed between the party governments, as in the case of the first disaster support payment, the people’s strength pointed out that they should start with different positions before giving additional support.

He criticized that it was irresponsible to speak of additional support to the whole people first before the third subsidy was paid without a proper check on the effect of the previous support.

[김은혜 / 국민의힘 대변인 : 정부·여당은 국민 앞에 나서기 전에 입장 조율로 집안 정리부터 해주십시오. 말만 앞선 선심 세례와 혼선은 가뜩이나 코로나로 힘든 국민의 고통과 혼란만 가중시킬 뿐입니다.]

It is expected that the repeated battles will heat up with the third subsidy payment each time we discuss whether to pay all citizens, selective support, or disaster subsidies.

YTN Kim Dae-geun[[email protected]]is.

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