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[기상센터][날씨] Heavy snowfall due to heavy rain from the beginning of March…


Today, during the three-day festival, rain is falling all over the country to relieve dryness.

However, there is a lot of rain and up to 50cm of heavy snowfall will pour in the Yeongdong region, and after the rain and snow stop, it is expected that a sparkling cold will come, so you need to be careful.

We will connect reporters to find out more details. Reporter Jeong Hye-yoon!

Let’s start with the snow situation. There’s a place where a heavy snow warning has been issued?


Yes, it is.

The place where the most snow is expected today is the Yeongdong area

Currently, a heavy snow warning was issued as snow began to accumulate in the mountains of central and northern Gangwon-do.

In the Yeongdong area, heavy snowfalls of up to 50 cm or more are forecast until tomorrow.

In addition, a heavy snow preliminary warning is being issued as it is expected to fall in the mountains of up to 15cm in the southern part of Yeongseo and northeast of Gyeongbuk, and up to 8cm in the northeastern part of Gyeonggi Province.

All of the construction warnings were lifted within a week or so as rain fell to relieve dryness in inland areas such as Seoul.

However, the amount is rather large

It is expected that there will be a lot of rain of 30~80mm until tomorrow, and a maximum of 100mm or more in eastern Gyeonggi and many places in Gangwon-do.

This rain and snow will gradually stop tomorrow morning from the west.

However, I am concerned that there will be many places where rain turns into snow tomorrow morning at low temperatures.

The Meteorological Administration urged them to pay special attention to the high risk of accidents on the first commute to work after the holiday season, rain and snow.


The inclement weather has been continuing since the beginning of March, but after the rain stops, the sub-zero temperature is shining and cold again?


Yes, from the start of March to the cold in the rain and snow.

After the rain stops, it is expected that the sub-zero cold will come.

The temperature in the morning of Seoul will drop to 0 degrees tomorrow and -2 degrees the day after tomorrow, which will be 1 to 2 degrees below the previous year’s level.

The cold wind will cause the temperature to drop to around -5 degrees below zero, and by tomorrow, it is expected that gusts of about 20m per second will blow in the coastal regions of Jeju Island and Yeongnam, amid strong wind warnings.

The sparkling cold will be relieved from the day after the day, and the relatively warm spring weather is expected to continue until the weekend.

This is YTN Jeong Hye-yoon.

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