【Today’s Yahoo Focus】 The founder with a market value of 3 billion US dollars died in his sleep

Today’s Yahoo focus is “The founder with a market value of 3 billion US dollars died in his sleep“The top 10 news stories with the most attention and discussion among netizens today are as follows:

The founder with a market value of 3 billion US dollars died in his sleep

2022 can be said to be a miserable year for the cryptocurrency, and now it has been reported that Kurland, the founder of Amber Group, a digital asset management firm with a market value of over $3 billion, has passed away in his sleep . .<Full text

Masks have been loose since 12/12 and outdoors can be waived

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today that the first phase of the mask easing will be implemented from December 1 and outdoor activities will be cancelled. Masks must be worn at all times. In addition, open singing is exempt from wearing masks, cancel… <Full text

CNN: Now is a historic moment for the mainland

Recently, the epidemic has resurrected in mainland China. The fire in Urumqi, in which 10 people died, is like the last straw. The CCP’s excessive prevention of the epidemic has allowed the protest movement to blossom everywhere in mainland China, and the international media have also paid attention to each other…<Full text

Shen Fuxiong called 2 people for honeymoon for up to six months

Shen Fuxiong, a former Green Camp lawmaker, made a Facebook post today, writing ten reflections and distractions after the general election. In the article, he said that he was sweating a lot for Jiang Wanan and Zhang Shanzheng, and he bluntly said that the honeymoon period of these two people in power will not exceed half of the year…. .<Full text

2 draws to determine the winner… The loser is dissatisfied

The nine-to-one election has come to an end. Candidates Ye Bumou and Zhang Zhaohong for mayoral election of Fuji Village, Gongguan District, Miaoli County both won 228 votes. The Miaoli County Election Committee held a draw today, and Ye Bumou was “elected”……Full text

Europe’s largest healthcare group exploded with 6 lines of arrows in the library

In late October, Orpea SA, the largest private care home group in Europe, received authorization from the French court to restructure its debts due to operational difficulties. According to the survey, the top 6 banks participated in the loan……<Full text

Fire rages the sea, ‘May become a June 4th rerun’

A community fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, caused 10 deaths a few days ago due to excessive epidemic prevention and control. Discontent has spread and demonstrations have been held in more than a dozen cities in mainland China . The New York Times believes the demonstrations are aimed at Xi Jinping and the eviction…Full text

Su Qingquan sued to cancel the election

Pingtung county magistrate was won by Zhou Chunmi of the Democratic Progressive Party, but Kuomintang candidate Su Qingquan expressed doubts about the Central Election Committee’s ballot counting process, noting that the Central Election Committee announced for the first time once 380,000 valid votes, but when the ballots were subsequently counted… ..<Full text

The resignation was comforted Su revealed that the president gave a special reminder

Executive Premier Su Zhenchang stressed today that he stepped down as soon as possible in the face of 9-to-1 election results, but President Tsai Ing-wen reminded him that he should keep a close eye on the rapidly changing situation at home and abroad. abroad, keep his post and stay tough…Full text

The Ministry of Communications does not subsidize electric vehicles Xie Office replies

Keelung Mayor-elect Hsieh Kwok-liang rejected the political opinion of “Gogoro free for young people” during his election campaign, calling for the implementation of central subsidies from year to year; however, Transportation Minister Wang Guocai dismissed it in an interview today…Full text

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