¨Second corona wave will last longer than the first! ¨ – The Daily Standard

We have already heard almost everyone speaking today, and that new corona measures are very likely to be announced early next week, no one has escaped notice. Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Acute Care Network, is now also making a contribution: “The second corona wave will last even longer than the first”, is his motto.

After Diederik Gommers and the Rutte III cabinet (of course in silence, but the corridors are not silent) already cautiously hinted today that we can expect strong new corona measures next week, Ernst Kuipers is now also making a contribution to set all alarm bells on edge again. .

“Last time it was a lot, but it took about six weeks, when the biggest peak was over again,” Kuipers said on Saturday during an online PvdA meeting in Amsterdam’s Bimhuis. […] Now it seems that we have to take into account that it will be a much longer period, perhaps the entire winter season.

Kuipers fears that the consequences for non-corona patients will continue to increase in the coming weeks and months. The Telegraph writes that due to the pressure on healthcare personnel, it was not possible to give everyone diagnoses in time for, for example, cancer or heart failure. “The corona created a reservoir of delayed operations.”

Kuipers is therefore of the opinion that compliance with the measures must be observed much more strictly. If not, according to the scientist a new lockdown is needed. That is entirely in line with Diederik Gommers’ reply, earlier in this day.

Kuipers therefore does not waste any time and concludes:

“Stop messing around with urgent advice.” Make mouth masks compulsory and make it clear where it is needed

Kuipers is and remains of the opinion that strict compliance with the corona rules is necessary to prevent a second lockdown. If it is not too late for that, by the way… PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher thinks that the cabinet has intervened too late and that the crisis has not been tackled concretely enough.

The Social Democrat therefore made an urgent appeal: “Stop messing around with urgent advice. Make mouth masks compulsory and make it clear where it is needed

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