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“They want his head”, and they prepare the trap for Giuseppe Conte – Libero Quotidiano


The triangle Giuseppe Conte-Paola De Micheli-Luigi Di Maio have a bank Corriere della Sera, which tries to reconstruct what happened before the long night yesterday, in which tension has skyrocketed among government officials. Even if in the end what matters is the agreement on Autostrade per l’Italia, with the Benetton family who accepted all the conditions set by Palazzo Chigi. In this way, the revocation was avoided, which the prime minister had threatened without having any intention of pulling the trigger: in fact the negotiation with the Benettons never stopped and in the end a pact was signed.

Pact that does not resolve the tensions, with De Micheli who exposed Palazzo Chigi to a very ugly figure by leaking a confidential letter that he had sent four months ago to Conte who knows a lot of move to make it clear that the fault of the delays on Autostrade is of the premier. The fact is that the minister also irritated the M5s a lot, who is now asking for his head, but Di Maio has identified the real enemy in Conte: on the one hand the prime minister tries to climb the Movement, on the other he has worked on an agreement with the Benettons. For this, according to the Corsera, the Grillino minister will react: “After meeting Mario Draghi and Gianni Letta confidentially, he will strike on the political front. For this reason Di Maio promises that he will not allow an electoral alliance in Puglia between M5s and Pd. It is the Conte region. It is Conte’s hope. It is vital for Conte’s estate in September. Three good reasons to object “.


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