World Product warnings: Germany reports dangerous articles 454 times

Product warnings: Germany reports dangerous articles 454 times


In 2019, German authorities most frequently warned of dangerous products in an EU comparison. Among other things, 454 warnings were given about dangerous toys or components in cars that could lead to injuries, as was the case with one presented in Brussels on Tuesday EU Commission report emerges.

The reports were sent to the common EU rapid alert system. In 2018, just over 360 warnings from Germany were received. Around 2240 warning messages were registered across Europe in 2019.

Almost three quarters of the reports in Germany concerned cars and other motor vehicles. The second most common (5 percent) complaint was toys, followed by clothing. In more than two thirds of the cases, there was a risk of injury.

More warnings, fewer recalls

The number of measures taken by German authorities as a result of their own warnings or those from other EU countries has decreased, such as product recalls. In 2018, they initiated almost 170 follow-up measures. Last year there were around a hundred.

In the EU rapid warning system for dangerous non-food, EU countries and the EU Commission exchange information about dangerous products. This enables the other countries to check more quickly whether these products are also circulating on the domestic market and, for example, initiate recalls.

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