Sport Goodbye, Captain! The biggest thing is that I...

Goodbye, Captain! The biggest thing is that I said goodbye to hita, t Hubnka


Plze dominated, two gly scored ermk

With Pilsen, Hubnk won the titles, helped the champion to push her into the League. He wore a captain’s sand.

Although he hasn’t played much lately and has dropped out of the set after problems with his toe, they will only remember him in the best way on his back. And he will come in an Olomouc jersey, as long as the applause is clear.

How did you enjoy Louuen and the last minutes of Pilsen?
I’m running out of time. I found myself going into the game in the middle and I was ready. Even though I’m under it in my head, it’s been the last thirty minutes. I managed to say goodbye to the hit, which is the longest. Nco neskutenho. I didn’t expect it to be and such. I’m not the center of attention, but somehow I stopped it.

After the whistle, you immediately received a microphone. How did sloit you search for words?
It was nron. I had a taste for picking up a microphone and something about ct, but the stadium under applauded. In the end, I got something out of myself that I didn’t even want. There were emotions in me. But I rd that I could undermine. Fan, thunder, guided and the whole realized darkness.

What moment would you like to remember from your time in Victoria?
I’d stuff two. Promotion to the Champions League and the first title. Everything a hunter experiences for the first time is unforgettable.

Are you going to go to a farewell party?
Nothing special. We have an association with the management of darkness and common ground.

But you spent the last seconds on the square symbolically. You had fun with David Limberski, one of the last winds in Victoria.
Limba understood the moment and knew that there was nothing wrong with it. He knew that the EU would only play for me, and it was clear to me too. I’m glad we had this last contact with me like this.


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