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Who decided on the name? – eXtra.cz

Moderator Leoš Mareš (45) and his wife Monika (41) are now going through a loving period. Last week, they had a coveted daughter, whom they named Alex. But as Leoš revealed in an interview with Nova Plus, choosing a name was not so easy at first, but in the end they agreed.

She gave birth last week Monika Marešová the little girl they put together with Leoš Mareš name Alex. But choosing a name was not so easy at first. “In the first phase, when we were shooting ideas, we disagreed. Then one of us said Alex and we fell in love with the idea. In addition, it can be applied to both sexes. “ revealed by Leoš v Nova Pluswhere he was a guest on the show Na Lovu.

We knew it would be Alex!

Neither Leoš nor Monika let the sex of the baby be told, so they didn’t know until the last moment. “It simply came to our notice then that as we didn’t know if it would be a boy or a girl, we knew it would be Alex anyway, “ the new dad let himself be heard.

When asked how happy he is with the girl, he simply answered: “I’m very happy to describe it in two words, it’s crystalline luck.” he added.

Although it was expected that little Marešátko would be born on March 3, she took her time. The famous couple has been under a lot of pressure in recent days. Everyone kept asking them about the expected birth. Finally, Monika gave birth on March 10, 2022.

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