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They must adapt to ‘hybrid’ classes

Yamilet Gámez

The World of Orizaba

Ciudad Mendoza.- Students from the Faculty of Medicine of the Veracruzana University must adapt to the return to the classroom under a new scheme.

Iván Rikimatsu Matsumoto Palomares, Student Counselor of the Faculty of Medicine of the Veracruzana University in Ciudad Mendoza, mentioned that the challenge for the next academic cycle will be adaptation to the new normal once the authorities determine that face-to-face education is already viable.

“First we will have to see how this new normal is going to take place within the cycle, perhaps more space will have to be left between seat and seat, filters at the entrance of the Faculty, to name a few examples.”

He indicated that it should be analyzed which educational experiences can continue to be taught online and which ones need to be in person for the practical part but under the application of measures that allow healthy distance.

“All this is part of the challenges that will be faced by the new normal, however, education will have to continue to be imparted in one way or another, learning continues, transforms, evolves and we must adapt.”

He stressed that with distance education both students, teachers and managers have risen to the height of the circumstances derived from the covid-19 pandemic.

“Doctors will continue to be trained in one way or another, without neglecting the quality of education, the only thing that changes is the modality in which it is given but the quality has to be the same or better and as mentioned by the rector , the health of the students is a priority, therefore we will be attentive to the evolution of the state to make decisions according to what the epidemiological traffic light allows and for September 14, when the return to school is marked, we already know how the dynamics will be ”.

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