Is Jayson Tatum a decisive player in clutch moments?

Jayson Tatum is one of the most special players of the NBA. A talent like few in the league, a superstar who has offensive qualities available to very few in the league. His presence in the schemes of Ime Udoka has the same relevance as in the era of Brad Stevens, when all the important […]

The Bulls win in Boston and establish themselves as leaders of the East

Spectacular comeback from Chicago Bulls in the TD Garden against the Boston Celtics to end up getting his sixth win of the season. Those from IlinĂ³is lost by 19 (77-96) with just two minutes to go to the end of the third quarter and ended up winning by 14 (128-114) after a tremendous part in […]

NBA: Ja Morant: Supernova Discovered Because A Scout Was Hungry

Updated 29/10/2021 – 09:50 Temetrius Jamel Morant, Ja’s full name, is making an impact at this start of the season NBA. The base of the Grizzlies is the best scorer with 30.4 points on average, ahead of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. Big words. It was already rookie del ao with an average of 17.8 […]

Brad Stevens could make a proposal to the Brooklyn Nets

One of the teams that still has a lot to say in the NBA Market is Brooklyn Nets. The situation of some of the players on the roster that Steve Nash commands is not clear at all and could lead to a series of movements that would end up redesigning the current form of the […]

The NBA celebrates the year of the Diamond

En American sports, the diamond it has always been related to baseball, because of the shape of its playing field. However, this season, the copyright of the diamond the NBA takes it, and as the special logo for the occasion shows. And it is that the best basketball league in the world fulfills its 75th […]