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‘Students complain about Amalia’ – Ditjes & Datjes

Due to threats from organized crime, Princess Amalia had to leave her student house in Amsterdam last year and was ‘stuck’ in Huis ten Bosch Palace. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop the princess from doing fun things, because lately she can often be found abroad. And her fellow students at the University of Amsterdam would complain about that…

Despite the threats against her, Amalia went with her parents to the Caribbean for her first official working visit at the end of January. She only returned on February 9, which means that Amalia missed almost two weeks of classes.

Complaints about Amalia

And although it was an official working visit, her fellow students would not have been happy about her absence. In fact, they would even have complained! “Some of her classmates even complained that the princess had been allowed to skip school days to complete the Caribbean tour,” reports the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial.

No student life

Because of the threats, Amalia misses a lot of student life. “I miss normal life, the life of a student. Being able to walk down a street and go to a shop,” she said during the visit to Sint Maarten. An afternoon of shopping or sitting on the terrace with fellow students is not an option for Amalia, while her fellow students do.


The fact that fellow students are now also complaining about her will undoubtedly hurt Amalia. It is therefore not surprising that she has not been spending the weekends in the Netherlands lately, but in Spain. Together with Máxima, she was spotted for the second time in the Spanish fashion city of Madrid last weekend. There, Amalia could finally do what she likes to do most, which is shopping!

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