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Obtaining a loan without a paycheck: here’s how

Not everyone knows that a loan is possible even without a paycheck and guarantor, and that there are different types, here are which ones

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Difficult yes, but not technically impossible: if we want to obtain a loan without paycheck or guarantor, we could do it. Let’s talk specifically, however, about a personal loan, different from the loan for the purchase of a home, which does not satisfy very Italians. Here, on the other hand, it is a question of the common loan that the bank places on the customer, while awaiting interest in favor of the institution.

Logically linked to restitution and interest, the difficulty in obtaining a loan if you do not have a guarantor and pay slip. Very difficult, if you think of commonly passing through a bank, but we will see how many and what alternatives there are such as the loan of honor, the fiduciary loan, loan changed and still others.

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The loan methods that we could obtain even without a paycheck

We are therefore anxious to rattle off all the possible steps to take. Number 1: the loan of honor: it was conceived precisely for students and young entrepreneurs who do not have access to paychecks, and who, according to the requirements set by the EU, are thinking about opening a Startup. With this loan, different percentages of the money obtained are non-repayable. On the other hand, the loan changed. This strategy allows the quick return of the money, through monthly bills, from which it takes its name. It is not advisable not to find a way to repay them, because from that moment on they are “protested”, and from that moment the bank has the right cards to act legally against the customer.

Longer and more thorny, the question of fiduciary loan. In fact, the only one that does not require guarantees, there is no guarantor, let alone mortgages, but you still have to leave reasons to the bank to believe you can repay it. In fact, the situation for those who are then put among the bad payers, becomes more difficult. Generally spread between 6 and 120 months, there is also greater flexibility regarding amounts and expiration dates.

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We then have the “younger” loan, that one between private individuals online. Experts, they also call them Peer to Peer lending, that is, trivially the request for money on loan, on specific platforms. Simply, the employees of these will evaluate the possibility and credibility of the applicant. Some of these are Let’s borrow, Blender, Smartika, but there are several on the web. For those wishing to request one of the most traditional, among the loans most requested by customers, the one from the Italian Post Office, which offers several opportunities.

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