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A classic among classics, the Global Franchise Preview is ready for the customer of the day. Head to New York to check out the Knicks and get an overview of what happened, what’s happening and what could happen on Tom Thibodeau’s squad for the 2022-23 NBA season.

What happened last season

Knicks fans won’t care this season. What a disappointment after a 2020-21 season punctuated by a fourth place finish in the Eastern Conference and a first round against the Hawks! If we put aside Evan’s career record (41 points) against the Celtics or his award-winning franchise record in a single season, or Obi Toppin’s (mild) outburst and the nice little things rookie Quentin Grimes displayed, nothing. is to be remembered from this season. Oh yeah: RJ Barrett is starting to become a star. Yes, listen, we are consolidating at best and the progress of the young Canadian is certainly the best thing that could have happened to the Knicks in view of this frankly beaten season despite the well-felt a priori hires in the summer of 2021. Captain Julius Randle was not up to par after an All-Star and MIP season. Irregular and grumpy to put it mildly, he has even managed to alienate New York fans. Vavane also did not produce the season we expected, victim of address breakdowns and terrible air pockets. The youngsters didn’t have enough playing time to really progress as coach Tom Thibodeau likes to pull the rope of incumbents. Kemba Walker, around whom there is usually no drama, was also removed from the team and then reprized a few weeks later. The New York Knicks all spit, that’s it. Upon arrival we have a bad season (37 wins, 45 defeats), an 11th place so not even a play-in, and above all a lot of frustration at all levels.

The summer market

  • They leave : Alec Burks, Taj Gibson, Kemba Walker, Nerlens Noel
  • They extend: RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Jericho Sims, Ryan Archdeacon
  • They arrive : Jalen Brunson, Isaiah Hartenstein, Trevor Keels and Svi Mykhailiuk

The Knicks secure (a little) their future with the postponements of RJ Barrett and the colossus Mitchell Robinson, while making a not too risky bet on the athlete Jericho Sims for three francs six under.

The arrival of Jalen Brunson (finally) secures the leading position and completely cancels the departure of Kemba Walker after a pass to forget. Alec Burks has some baskets, but his departure shouldn’t be noticed with the rise of Barrett, a predictably better Evan or Immanuel Quickley and his points off the bench. Finally, Isaiah Hartenstein’s arrival inside fills the gaps left by veteran Nerles Noel and veteran Taj Gibson.

Nothing too crazy, if not the arrival of Brunson who farted in Dallas in the eyes of the general public and who comes to bring to New York what he had been looking for for a long time: a playmaker worthy of the name. . Let’s hope the big Knicks mess doesn’t hurt him like many stars who have experienced it before it. The Knicks will need the same Jalen from last season, if not better, if they want to return to the postseason. Tired of cardboard knee items.

The 2022-23 roster of the New York Knicks

  • Heads : Jalen BrunsonDerrick Rose, Miles McBride, Ryan Archdeacon
  • Rear : RJ Barrett, Evan FournierImmanuel Quickley, Quentin Grimes, Svi Mykhailiuk, Trevor Keels (bidirectional)
  • Ali : Cam reddish, Feron Hunt
  • Forwards : Giulio RandleObi Toppin
  • Pins : Mitchell RobinsonIsaiah Hartenstein, Jericho Sims

In orange the expected appetizers, according to the famous sources close to the file

Each position has more or less doubled and in each of them there is youth. But we know you winced like us when you saw the wing line. Poor Cam Reddish asks for the playing time that Thibs has not granted him so far in midseason, will he change this year? The future will answer this question but in any case we start again on a line of winger composed of Evan Fournier and RJ Barrett, both further back to the base with their 1’98 but in an NBA smallball we pass. The Brunson – Barrett – Fournier trio will logically have many responsibilities with Julius Randle as well and will have to find the best possible balance.

The five majors are a mix of players more or less confirmed in the NBA and young people just waiting to become one, in particular Barrett who this year will want to take another step forward. Overall there is gear to be a competitive low, but in an increasingly difficult Eastern Conference and with the questions surrounding the historic New York franchise, you will have to hold out to get a spot in the eight and even ten with the game. .

A little video about it?

New York Knicks Salaries 2022-23

UFA: free agent without restrictions RFA: free agent with restrictions (Source Spotrac)

TTFL: Knicks players to watch

RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, Jalen Brunson.

No surprises for your favorite Knicks side game. RJ is a potential star capable of making big cards despite sometimes suspicious efficiency. This good Giulio is, even if a lot roncon erratic, a blackener of stats that can slam a 11/28/7 on a good night. And new guy Jalen Brunson just signed up for a bunch of bucks after his good season in Texas, he who should take on his role as a major player and also place some cards. Sorry Evan and sorry Mitchell, last season was too unprofitable with you. Also be careful not to bet booklet A or other savings on Obi Toppin when you come back from a night that is a little too drunk.

Knicks infirmary, injury update

When we look at the New York Infirmary, three names stand out. Julius Randle, for starters, missed three games in late March due to pain in his right quadriceps tendon. He will return quickly but aggravate his injury and eventually miss the last five fights. Derrick Rose on the other hand was hampered in late November by a pain in his right ankle, then his season ended in mid-December following a sprain of the same ankle. After a few days later to remove a bone spur, he had to return to the pool table in February due to an infection. The scenario is very similar to that experienced by John Wall and Rose had already had the same problem with his left ankle in 2017. He says he is ready for retirement, to continue … Cam Reddish, finally, experienced a first alarm in November with an absence of four games due to a slight sprain in the left wrist. He ended his season in early March following a heavy fall against the Sacramento: acromioclavicular sprain of the right shoulder. This is the joint that connects the collarbone and the shoulder blade (shoulder blade). This injury usually takes six weeks to heal and should be fine when he recovers.

What goals this season?

The Knicks must ab-so-lu-ment raise their heads after last season’s failure.

After the surprise 2020-21 season, confirmation was expected, especially after the recruitment made during the offseason, and that is precisely why seeing the Knicks not play in the Playoffs last season was a big disappointment. This year, Jalen Brunson’s arrival in place 1 is enough to rekindle the flame for Knicks fans, especially at the price at which he was recruited (104 million dollars). We therefore necessarily hope for a post-seasonal return, but since it is New York and we know the animal, we will not ask too much. A qualification for the play-in tournament is already not bad, especially since the Eastern Conference is now super competitive. And then whoever lives will see as they say.

From a more individual standpoint, RJ Barrett is entering his fourth season in the Big Boys and it may finally be time for him to become the boss of this team. Boosted offensively and delivering a promising end last season, he won a major contract extension and will want to prove he can eventually become number 1 in New York, no offense to Julius. Randle just needs to become the player he was less than two years ago, without the fuss, free (and skilled), of hooking his friends to the engine and picking them up. Evan must regain his regularity and address him to become the Knick he was meant to be when he arrived in Manhattan. And it is expected that the franchise will further develop its young people by strengthening them a little more. Toppin, Quickley, Grimes or even Reddish if Thibs believes in him, they must see the floor more than last season if they are to hope to progress and thus help New York.

Show a better face, start over and why not find the postseason, these are the goals of the 2022-23 season of the Knicks.

The publisher’s prognosis

41 wins – 41 defeats: 10th place in the East.

The squad is quite solid, the youngsters are interesting and RJ eliminated Barrett to become the player we expected from him. But let’s talk about the Knicks and unfortunately there is (too) often something wrong with New York. Whether it’s the performance, the coach, the weather, President Dolan or Randle’s guinea pig, in the Big Apple any excuse is fine. The Knicks will fight this season and RJ Barrett will shine, but too often alone and Randle won’t find his first level, at least not here. They will simply grab the play-in after a long, interesting but far from easy season, and if there is a playoff, we can already be very happy to see them wiped out in the first round.

Some useful links

Here’s a preview of the Knicks for the 2022-23 season, hoping that New York and Madison Square Garden will play in late April once the regular season ends, to make way for Trae Young’s love songs. The Knicks in the playoffs are rare, but the Knicks in the playoffs are dar.

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