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Nearly 10 deaths a day due to Covid-19 again

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The average number of people who die per day in Belgium from the consequences of Covid-19 has increased again in the past period. In the week through October 9, there were an average of 9.6 deaths per day, or 16 percent more than the week before. It is remarkable that with a total of 22 deaths in that period, Brussels accounts for about as many Covid deaths as Flanders (24) and Wallonia (21). This is evident from the figures of health institute Sciensano.

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The number of infections rose 10 percent, to a daily average of 2,095. Of the performed testing was 5.1 percent positive.

The number of hospital admissions however, has decreased: in the period from 6 to 12 October, there were an average of 56.1 admissions daily, a decrease of 6 percent compared to the previous seven-day period. There are now 767 people in hospital, 200 of whom are in the intensive care unit. About 111 patients require respiratory support.

In the Brussels-Capital Region, which accounts for more than a quarter of those 200 corona patients in intensive care, 20 percent of the total number of approved intensive care beds are currently occupied by Covid-19 patients. The provinces of Walloon Brabant and Liège come close with 17 percent and the province of Luxembourg follows with 16 percent. By way of comparison: in the Flemish provinces the occupancy rate fluctuates between 3 and 8 percent and the national average is 10 percent.

Since the start of the pandemic, according to the counter on Sciensano’s Covid dashboard, there have been 25,713 death and 80,336 corona patients were admitted to Belgian hospitals.

It reproduction number with 0.98 is just below 1. A number above 1 means that the epidemic is gaining momentum.

About 74.9 percent of all Belgians have now received a first vaccinedose, 73.5 percent are fully vaccinated. The Brussels Region is still the worst student in the class with 55.7 and 53.1 percent respectively, with Flanders leading the ranking with 80.4 and 79.6 percent respectively.

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