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Nba All Star Game: special evening for Tamberi

Spectacular dunk by the Olympic champion at the Celebrity Game, which opened the great American weekend

Six months after Tokyo, Gianmarco Tamberi still flies. This time, however, she did it over the basket in the Celebrity Gamean event that opened the three days ofAll Star Game Nba 2022. A sensational dunk for Gimbo: the fly with one hand after the mistake of a teammate. A truly impressive athletic gesture that of the Olympic gold in the high jump, a great basketball fan and also an excellent player.

The All Star Game officially kicked off last night: a three-day event that will lead to the theoretically most spectacular event of the NBA year that precedes the playoffs. In particular, the Celebrity Game and the Rising Stars Challenge were played. In the first, Team Walton and Team Nique challenged each other. To prevail was the first for 65-51, in that of the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, a location different from the one where there is the focus of the action this weekend. 18 points from MVP Alex Toussaint.

Gianmarco Tamberi was also present in the team that was defeated. The Olympic champion in the high jump in Tokyo 2020 managed to take the stage with a couple of dunks that immediately entered the highlights of the match. The first to rebound offense, coming from the weak side and catching the defense off guard, the second exploiting the fatigue in the final and hitting on the counterattack. Play celebrated with a lot of airplane. A unique evening for the Italian athlete, who also captured the attention of NBA players, such as LaMelo Ball. The Rising Stars Challenge, on the other hand, this year underwent an important change of format.

Four mixed teams with rookie, sophomore (i.e. first and second year players) and prospects of the G League, coaches who are part of the Nba 75th Anniversary, or the group of the 75 greatest ever updated this year compared to the 50 declared 25 Years ago. In the semifinals it was necessary to reach 50 points and this was achieved by Team Isaiah on Team Worthy for 50-49 (16 Bey, 10 Bane and Stewart; 20 Green, 16 Suggs). He later replicated Team Barry on Team Payton for 50-48 (13 Mobley and Cunningham; 12 McDaniels, 10 Hyland). After that Team Barry defeated Team Isaiah 25-20 with 5 from Mobley, Cunningham and Tate against 12 from an almost lonely Achiuwa. Cade Cunningham was named MVP of the event.

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