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It is contagious even after the vaccine

Those who are subjected to the Covid vaccine do not get sick, but it can transmit the virus. The warning is given by Professor Jonathan Van Tam, a British government consultant and British Deputy Head of Health. In fact, it is contagious even after the vaccine.

5.8 million people in the UK have received the first of two doses of the vaccine needed, 478,248 yesterday alone, a record number since the program began on 8 December.

The vaccine “can prevent you from becoming seriously ill,” explains Van-Tam, “but we still don’t know if it prevents contagion.”

“To tell the truth about the transmission of the virus in subjects who have neutralized the virus and blocked the disease we have no certainties“, But excluding this possibility a priori would be wrong for Marco Soriani, Project director at Reithera who is working on an all-Italian vaccine.

“To completely exclude on a scientific level that there may be a minimum of viral load residing in the nasal muscles after vaccination is not possible to date. But it is also clear that if the charge is so low, the transmission fails”He tells Soriano Newspaper.

“Compared to phase 1, we will evaluate the population not only the ability to respond to the vaccine, which we highlighted in a very positive way during the experimentation, but also the ability to reduce the incidence of the disease” concludes Soriani.

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