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I am a mother who supports her children

Which region are you from, Guylaine Tanguay?

I am a native of the Lac-Saint-Jean region and I lived with my parents and my two brothers in Girardville, a pretty village near Dolbeau-Mistassini. It is a place that I have always adored.

Was a trip to Dolbeau grandiose?

We were going to Dolbeau to do our shopping, it was quite an outing!

Have you taken part in amateur competitions?

From the age of 7 to 12, I regularly won amateur competitions in my region. After that age, I found that I had toured all the competitions in the region and was happy to pass the torch on to other people.

Did this allow you to start your career?

Indirectly, yes. In the following competitions, I became the guest artist. I did the opening acts for a few well-known artists.

You took part in the Music-Art competition, didn’t you?

In 1986, I took part in the Music-Art competition at Télé-Métropole. Following this visit, the team entrusted me with the first parts of shows by some popular artists of the time, including Fernand Gignac. What memory !

A memorable encounter at the Festival country de Sainte-Madeleine.

I was 27 years old, Patrick Norman invited me to join him on the stage.

Tell us about the legendary Bar Charivari on the Saint-Louis plateau, in Mistassini.

I cannot forget the beautiful moments spent at the legendary Bar Charivari, on the Saint-Louis plateau, where I shared the stage with my mother and my uncle Bernard, who had their country band. I was so proud to wear the country clothes created by my aunt, Laurence.

At the age of 16, your family life was turned upside down.

Our financial situation was precarious. It forced us to move from Girardville to Normandin, and it changed our lifestyle as we went from a big house to an apartment.

Your mother is an amazing woman, isn’t she?

My mother is the kind of woman who despite all the pitfalls she encountered always gave us everything she had in order to offer us as much as possible a normal life.

At 16, you became the provider of the house.

I had no other choice. We needed money to survive. I went to school and I worked.

Did you work in a brewery in Dolbeau-Mistassini?

I was not of legal age, however the landlord allowed me to work so that I could raise money to pay for family expenses and our rent.

A crazy expense, it was an ice cream cone.

I was trying to save money so that we had some change left over to occasionally buy a nice ice cream or a small treat at the convenience store.

What was your first car?

My uncle gave me a used Renault with a canvas roof. Imagine, in the middle of winter, traveling from CEGEP to Jonquière to get to Normandin. The heating was malfunctioning, and I was using my plastic school card to remove the ice from the windshield in order to get to my work on the weekend at Bar le Clairon in Normandin.

Quite a gift to Dream of a day.

I participated in the show Dream of a day, moderated by Serge Laprade, at TQS. The show offered gifts to participants and I got my hands on the free car!

Why do you like country music?

It is the lovers of country music who make me vibrate. They are people of heart, with deeply rooted family values ​​who join me. It is a very loyal, good-natured audience and above all of touching simplicity.

Do you have your favorite movies and TV shows?I love Quebec movies and TV series.

Do you like cooking ?

I love to cook, and after a meal I leave the dishes to my family. A good compromise, in my opinion!

Who is the singer with whom you would like to sing?

American country singer Vince Gill. I met him during one of his performances at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Besides, one day I would like to sing in this mystical place.

How do you describe yourself as a mother?

Mom made me understand the importance of a mother to a family. Like her, my priority is family. I love paying little attention to my daughters, creating happy memories for them. For me, it’s pure happiness! I will always be there for them. I am a mother who supports her children.

Your father passed away at the age of 47.

My dad was an avid trucker. He lost his life doing what he loved the most, but way too young. He was only 47 years old …

Younger, your work and your studies finally caught up with you.

I experienced physical and mental fatigue. Our life was difficult and I was at the end of the line … Fortunately, the weather is fine. We must keep moving forward and never stop believing in happiness. Me, I chose to fight and today, I am perfectly happy.

Does your partner play an important role in your life?

He is my lover, my confidant and my manager.

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