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how to save up to 400 euros without Isee

The dizzying increases in the electricity bill in recent months have triggered alarmism among taxpayers. However, there is a way to save

In this regard, a module that only certain categories of people can obtain is very important. Here are all the steps to follow in order to get it.

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The problem of the disproportionate increases in electricity bills, unites all Italians to some extent. However, someone can partially solve the problem and avoid paying disproportionately.

We are talking about the families in which there are people with disabilities. In these cases, consumption and consequently i monthly costs are higher due to the use of support tools for pathologies.

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Electricity bill: the ASL certificate that can stem the increases

As a result of this, both for them and for the people who take care of them are entitled to special discounts. As is well known, those who have the possibility to take advantage of Law 104 have access to a considerable range of benefits, especially in terms of tax relief.

In this specific case, thanks to the ASL certificate which concerns individuals who need certain support tools for the disease (such as electric wheelchairs, lifts and the like) it is therefore possible to break down most of the costs in the bill.

For those who have itARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment) has a electric bonus, which proportionally reduces the amount shown on the invoice.

The amount of the subsidy is variable and ranges from a minimum of € 180 to a maximum of € 670 and is established once the application is submitted, to which form B (which concerns the request for the bonus) must be attached and certification attesting to serious health conditions.

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So nothing ISEE model as is required in most analogous cases. The aforementioned info and of course those relating to electrical users, such as the POD code and the power of supply.

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