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from small workshop-garage to large group

The Salvino mirror and glazing company has been headquartered in Thionville since 2003, at 15 rue Abel-Gance. It has been managed since 1998 by Patrick Salvino and his sisters Sylviane and Dominique. In a few decades, the siblings have considerably developed the activity of the company, which today has six entities, more than 70 employees, and various establishments in Moselle. A beautiful family saga that began in 1974.

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On this date, Joseph Salvino, an Italian who arrived in France at the age of 14, decides to be his own business manager. With the help of his wife, Gislaine, he created the sole proprietorship Salvino, in Fameck. “My father was a worker in the steel industry and then an approved welder in an atomic power plant,” says Patrick. My mother ran a small drugstore-stationery-bookstore in Fameck. My dad started helping him cut tiles for his clients. It all started from there. The commercial adventure therefore begins in the workshop specially set up in the garage of the house. “I remember that to work, you had to take out the R12 station wagon! », Smiles the boss.

From Hamburg to Villers-Cotterêts

In 1981, the company moved to Hayange where the premises of the Salvino glazing were built. Two years later, it transformed into an LLC to meet growing customer demand. In 1996, she took over SARL Neumann Schwank, then Schreiber SARL in 1998, and Omnium Agencement in 2000. Sirco Bat, manufacturer and installer of PVC, joined the Salvino group in 2001. Since 2006, the glazing and mirroring activities have been brought together on one site. same site, that of Thionville. PVC and aluminum are in Hayange and Omnium represents the project management pole in Metz. The group is delighted to have landed great markets in its specialty, rewarding its expertise, such as that of the Montblanc Museum in Hamburg or that of the Cité internationale de la langue française, in Villers-Cotterêts.

Winner of the “Industry of the future” fund from France Relance, he is supported by the State in the purchase of a cutting table displayed at 80,000 € / HT, and will receive aid of 15,000 €. This will allow it to further develop its production process.

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