Dozens of major university students in Cianjur are HIV-beneficial, contaminated by their moms and dads – Outstanding, 12 elementary college students (SD) in Kab. Cianjur, West Java positively uncovered to HIV / AIDS. Most of the small children who tested constructive had been contaminated by their parents.

AIDS Commission (KPA) Kab. Cianjur was fast to go and reply to this phenomenon. KPA secretary Cianjur, Hilman, claimed the dozens of HIV / AIDS-optimistic students, on typical, were being in grades 5 and 6b, or were being amongst the ages of 10 and 12.

“It was recorded that there have been 12 KPA pupils spread throughout a quantity of elementary universities in Cianjur Regency. They are exposed to them by their moms and dads, “she reported, citing

Just after a VCT test or a voluntary test from his mothers and fathers. Dozens of these pupils are known to be exposed to HIV / AIDS.

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“Most of the uncovered students are orphans. Due to the fact her mom and dad died of AIDS, “she claimed.

He reported most of the HIV-contaminated kids were being from inadequate households and at the moment live with their grandmother and parents’ relations.

“So they were unmasked from the birth which was passed on by their moms and dads. The situations of HIV-constructive IRT (housewives) in Cianjur by itself are fairly high. On normal they are contaminated by their husbands, “she reported.

In addition to making certain the supply of prescription drugs that will need to be eaten frequently by them, Hilman defined, KPA Cianjur is also accumulating donations to assistance satisfy their tuition and day-to-day demands.

“But thank God, there are people who are willing to enable consistently, equally monetary support and day-to-day requires, this sort of as food packages,” he stated.

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So far, Hilman reported, the average child with HIV / AIDS is balanced, but they do not know they are PLWHA. Hilman also said HIV / AIDS is not lethal. Nonetheless, it can be fatal if there are co-morbidities.

“HIV / Aids is not dangerous, what is hazardous is if there are co-morbidities and an harmful life style,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Silmi Kaffah, Cianjur Regency’s KPA method supervisor, reported the HIV / AIDS development in Cianjur is on the rise. From 2022 to June, the range of people dwelling with HIV / AIDS in Cianjur arrived at 119 individuals.

According to him, the range is larger than the former 12 months, so the craze of HIV / AIDS situations exhibits a notable increase.

“Through 2021 there will be 109 people. Now we are only halfway, the range has reached 119 individuals and it is envisioned that it will continue to expand till the conclude of the calendar year,” reported Silmi.


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