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Can a virus exterminate Humanity?

Can a virus one day exterminate Humanity? If so, what are the conditions for this to happen? Is the risk really real? This week, Berthe-Marie Imbert Marcille, professor of virology at the University of Nantes, answers us.

Presentation of the speaker

Berthe-Marie Imbert-Marcille is a professor at the University of Nantes – Hospital Practitioner (PU-PH) specialist in medical virology. Director of EA 4271 – Immunovirology and genetic polymorphism, she focuses her research to better understand the evolution of certain viral infections, in particular those which occur in patients who have received a transplant or who have been infected with HIV.

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Will we ever go to Mars? Why are we dreaming? … The University of Nantes is going to meet you to collect your questions and submit them to our researchers. Every week, a researcher answers you.

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