Bolsonaro is booed and applauded prior to the Grêmio match

The President went to RS to take part in the Expointer Truthful, in just the State he viewed the sport with Mourão

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) appeared this Friday evening (2 September 2022) at the match of Guild versus Vila Nova, at the Arena do Grêmio stadium, in Porto Alegre (RS). Formerly Bolsonaro had declared that he would go to the game during a excursion to the Expointer Reasonable, in the municipality of Esteio. “Grêmio ought to go up for the sake of Brazilian footballHe explained.

Photographs of the general public whistling the president ahead of the start of the match, which started at 21:30, circulated on social media. You can also hear the screams of “fantasy” and cheers for the CEO.

Observe (1min2s):

In other photos, the CEO appears greeting lovers. Watch (1min42s):

Bolsonaro attended the match jointly with the vice president Hamilton Mourào (Republicans-RS). Mourão is Bolsonaro’s candidate for the Condition Senate.

In this year’s elections he was replaced by the previous Minister of Defense and the Civil House and previous exclusive adviser to the Bolsonaro cabinet, Common Braga Netto (PL), which he hires as a prospect for the vice-presidency in the electoral dispute.

Through Expointer, Bolsonaro informed reporters that he would depict Grêmio coach Renato Portaluppi, who “However” would not be present.

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