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Attention tipping over – 11FREUNDE

Teenagers are less and less patient with watching an entire soccer game. That is understandable if instead of Wolfsburg they are against Mainz at the same time 3 mins skills & goals Neymar ”on Youtube. But even in adults, the attention span seems to have dropped to a minimum, especially in the sports world.

Information reaches fans and journalists via clips and video snippets – that’s enough for most of them to make a final assessment of the topic. Last week, a one-minute excerpt from a member’s panel discussion of FC Schalke was made public. The club’s board of directors responded awkwardly and seemed overwhelmed to a fairly simple question. A Schalke fan posted the clip, it was a great laugh that many media outlets (mostly without mentioning the source) could easily take on and turn it into a malicious comment.

One clip is enough for most to judge

But the talk lasted longer than 50 seconds, but an hour and a half. And despite all justified criticism of the Schalke board, it at least kept the old promise to really enter into dialogue and finally to exchange ideas with the members. Those who invested time to look even got interesting insights and explanations. But most of the media (including us at 11freunde.de) did not take this time. Bru­taler Aus­setzer“, Board is embarrassed “, Embarrassing appearance ”were the headlines.

This weekend I did one Sequence from the press conference after the game between Nuremberg and St. Pauli the round. All over the world, not exactly myriads of football fans and journalists have been waiting for this question-and-answer session. But they didn’t need that either because the short clip appeared in which Nuremberg’s trainer Robert Klauss explained his match plan with a string of technical terms. That sounded unquestionably curious and sometimes confusing. Do you still understand this trainer’s German? ”She asked Image”. Quite a few commentators even denied the trainer’s ability to communicate in an understandable manner.

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