Putin Doesn’t Play Games, The Threat of Nuclear War Is Increasingly Real

International lucCNBC Indonesia News Wednesday, 22/02/2023 06:20 WIB Photo: President Vladimir Putin at the congress (Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images/SERGEI GUNEYEV) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a freeze on his participation in the New START agreement during his speeches to both houses of the Russian parliament where he also repeated accusations that […]

Your health records · Health and science

Medical file Every healthcare provider keeps a file of their patients. For example, if you go to your GP, they will complete your file. The same goes for the dentist, the specialist, the physiotherapist, the pharmacist, the nurse, etc. They each keep a separate file with: information about your health; a few personal information. If […]

Slaughter Liverpool 5-2, Karim Benzema calls Real Madrid after 15 minutes

BOLASPORT.COM – Slaying Liverpool 5-2 in the Champions League, Karim Benzema called Real Madrid after 15 minutes. Real Madrid appeared frightening at Liverpool headquarters in the match leg first round of 16 of the Champions League. Anfield Stadium witnessed the rain of seven goals in the Liverpool vs Real Madrid match, Tuesday (21/2/2023) local time […]

Poco X5 5G Officially Released in Indonesia, Check Specifications and Prices

JAKARTA, RADARSULBAR.CO.ID – This technology manufacturer from China has released the Poco X5 5G for the Indonesian market on Tuesday (20/2). This smartphone is priced at IDR 3.4 million and offers qualified specifications to support gamers. Head of Marketing for Poco Indonesia Andi Renreng said the Poco X series launched this year with 120 Hz […]

Tim, Kkr and the Government at work for a unique offer on the web

Listen to the audio version of the article For the Tim dossier it’s time for the (umpteenth) change of scenery. In which this time it is the Kkr and the Government who are on the same side, working to understand if and how to concoct a single offer on the former monopolist’s network. That this […]

New York publishes information for immigrants in 52 languages

New York, Feb. 21 The New York Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) today released an information sheet in 52 languages ​​about the various resources available to this community, regardless of their legal status, on the day that International Immigration Day is commemorated. Mother tongue. “New York City would not be the incredible city that it […]

TSV Krankenhagen takes out another five-digit loan

Things are progressing at TSV Krankenhagen: the sports center currently being renovated is to be completed soon. The club’s board of directors announced the planned date for the inauguration ceremony at the annual general meeting – and explained why another loan had to be taken out for the construction project: Only €0.99 in the first […]

Shrove Monday parades: Carnival is back on the streets | culture | DW

In the streets and alleyways of the Rhenish carnival strongholds of Cologne, Mainz and Düsseldorf, there is again a lot of hustle and bustle. The mild temperatures of up to twelve degrees help the street carnival. “The weather is right, the mood is right, people want to experience something together again that we haven’t been […]

Sultan Al Neyadi is preparing to launch to the International Space Station

Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai) Sultan Al Neyadi, the Emirati astronaut, arrives in Florida today, in preparation for the launch trip to the International Space Station on February 26, as he completed yesterday the last training that took place in the American city of Houston. The astronaut Al-Neyadi will conduct 19 scientific experiments within 4,000 hours […]