(VIDEO) Look at the great goal that Paolo Guerrero scored against Santos for the Brasileirao

Unstoppable. Tonight, Paolo Guerrero He reconfirmed that he is still more than current in football and added one more entry to his account. The ‘Predator’ scored a great goal against Santos, for the second round of Brasileirao.

True to his scoring nose and showing great physical condition, the ‘Predator’ positioned himself well in the area and waited for a cross from his partner to beat his rival in the jump, and with an accurate header to open the scoreboard and put the first of his team, Inter from Brazil.

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However, That would not be the only contribution of the captain of the Peruvian team, since shortly after the end, Guerrero would perform a brilliant cue assist, for his partner to score the 2nd final. With this triumph, Inter de Porto Alegre achieves its second consecutive trounfo, and achieves the perfect score in Brazilian football.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, the South American Football Confederation, on its Copa Libertadores page, dedicated a publication to him, qualifying him as a symbol of Peruvian football in the maximum tournament of South American clubs.

“A symbol of Peruvian football in the Libertadores! Paolo Guerrero He is the active player with the most shouts in the Cup. He is the top Peruvian scorer in history, with 17 goals, ”Conmebol published on Facebook along with a composition of the ‘Predator’ with Inter and Alianza Lima shirts.

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