History AirAsia Overbooked, handwritten ticket, passenger dragged out


Viral on Facebook, there is an overbooked AirAsia flight which causes the expulsion of passengers from the plane. Here is the timeline.

The video was shown by Susan Yong. You recounted an unpleasant experience on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Susan said that she has been booking tickets for holidays in Chiang Mai on AirAsia since April 2022. She bought tickets for herself, her mother, husband and in-laws.

Just on flight D-day, Saturday (11/19) Susan and her entourage drove to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). However, when they arrived at the check-in counter, Susan was very surprised when she was informed by the officer that the plane they were about to board was full.

Susan was asked to take an AirAsia flight to Chiang Mai the next day. Of course she didn’t want Susan because she had booked a car and a hotel in Chiang Mai a long time ago.

“The counter guy then said he could arrange our flight for 8pm at night. I asked where to go? They said, ‘Bangkok,'” said Susan, as quoted by SAYS Malaysia Saturday (3/12/2022).

Hand written card

A few moments later, the AirAsia check-in desk suddenly said that the problem with their flight had been resolved. Susan and her family were asked to pack and board the plane.

Susan also received a handwritten note from the check-in clerk. The hand written ticket had no seat number. The officer said the seat number will be communicated when they board the plane.

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Everything was going as normal until they boarded the plane and discovered that Susan and her husband had no seats.

The officer there said Susan and her husband’s names were on the “No Show” list, meaning reserve passengers, who only got seats if there were other passengers who didn’t show up on the flight.

The flight attendant on duty asked Susan and her husband to wait while she tried to find seats for them. But suddenly, another officer arrived on the plane and asked Susan and her husband to get off the plane.

Ejected from the plane

The officer rudely asked Susan and her husband to get off the plane. He even threatened to call security to get them off the plane.

“He was walking from far away. His attitude was really bad when he asked us to get off the plane. I was very shocked. He said, ‘You don’t have tickets, please get off the plane now. You can’t be here,” Susan said. .

Susan’s husband did not accept the rude behavior of the male officer. He also asked the officer for an explanation as to why he had to be so rude. They also tried to explain the history including the hand written note given by the check in clerk.

But the officer persisted, saying, “You don’t know, do you? The ticket is invalid. I explained it clearly to you, please get off the plane now,” the officer said.

Susan flatly refused. Also, Susan’s parents and her husband were already sitting on the plane. They are afraid that the plane will fly with their elderly parents without accompanying them.

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There had been clashes. As many as 6-7 security officers were deployed to escort Susan and her husband off the plane. But in the end, Susan and all of her family members left the plane and didn’t fly with AirAsia.

“After I got off the plane, I couldn’t talk and could only cry,” Susan said.

Flight change

AirAsia officials finally transferred Susan and her family to the next day’s flight. They are also given hotel accommodation for one night.

On the same day, Susan received an email notifying that AirAsia had credited USD 100 (approximately Rs 1.5 million) to their respective AirAsia accounts.

However, Susan said she did not accept compensation. She wanted to report the incident to the Malaysian police. She susan she hoped incidents like this wouldn’t happen again in the future.

Meanwhile, AirAsia has not yet released an official statement regarding this case.

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