Austrian league-leader LASK admits ‘big mistake’ after illegal training NOW

LASK apologized on Friday for violating the corona measures. Austria’s front runner has been sneakily caught exercising without keeping the required distance via sneakily recorded videos.

“We did not follow the distance rules in four training sessions,” Vice-President Jürgen Werner told a news conference on Friday. “We made a big mistake and we have to take responsibility for that.”

The Austrian Bundesliga started an investigation into LASK on Thursday, after videos surfaced of the club’s training sessions. It showed, among other things, that players of the leader entered duels with each other.

Austrian clubs have been allowed to train again since April 20, but only in groups of up to six players and with strict distance rules. Group training has only been allowed again since Friday.

LASK did not deny the allegations on Thursday, but AZ’s contender in the sixteenth finals of the Europa League initially counterattacked by reporting burglary and alleging that other clubs had illegally spied training.

LASK has been back in training since April 20. (Photo: Pro Shots)

“Have walked the wrong path”

LASK went through the dust on Friday. “We walked the wrong path, we wouldn’t do it again,” said Werner. “But it happened and we can’t undo it.”

According to the vice-chairman, he, trainer Valérien Ismaël and the players were involved in the decision to start training ‘normally’ again. At the press conference, Ishmael stated that he wanted to prepare his selection for the intensive way of playing LASK.

“It was not our intention to get ahead of our competitors. But we made a mistake and apologize for it,” said the former French footballer.

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LASK, which has a three-point lead over number two Red Bull Salzburg, should fear a penalty from the Bundesliga. Austrian media see a fine and / or points deduction as the most likely option.

The Austrian government has given the Bundesliga the green light to resume the competition. The intention is to play football again from 2 June. According to Health Minister Rudolf Anschober, the “serious error” of LASK has no consequences for those plans.

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