A man spends a pile of money and then wins half a million

The morning after the win was officially confirmed, Jack Ethrington shared the news with his family and work colleagues.

“The boss congratulated me and said: ‘I guess that means you’re going to resign.'”

Ethrington laughs: “I think he was very relieved when I said he’d have to put up with me for a little while longer. When I got to work the next day, the news had already spread. Everyone was clapping and congratulating me, it was a surreal moment.”

Geoff Ethrington says he and his fiancee have booked a holiday at a holiday park in Leicestershire. “At first I thought about going fishing in Hawaii to celebrate the win, but changed my mind. Instead, we booked a four-night stay in a luxury lodge with a hot tub,” he said. “But overall, we’re still trying to figure it all out.”

Ethrington and Reed had relatively recently changed their cars to newer ones, renovated their house shortly before the win, installed a new kitchen, and also prepared to renovate the bathroom. Some time ago, they also booked and paid for their spring vacation in Lanzarote.

It turns out that the couple spent a large amount on home improvements and vacations in Spain shortly before winning. “As if we knew we would win!” says Jeff Ethrington.

Some are lucky! But we have to remember that in lotteries, usually others win, not us. We remind you that the lottery is not and cannot be a way of making money. It’s just entertainment where the chance of winning is microscopic. It is not recommended for people with a tendency to any type of addiction to participate in lotteries.

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