Avoid CVID and War Declaration by Not Forcing North Korea to Surrender Nuclear Weapons

He threatened to confront them with nuclear weapons if North Korea attempted to apply CVID to them, “complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization.”

Cho Chul-soo, director of international organizations at the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a statement announced today (22nd) through the Korean Central News Agency that forcing South Korea to give up its nuclear program is a declaration of war.

He went on to stress that any forces trying to apply CVID should keep in mind that they will be dealt with decisively in accordance with the Nuclear Forces Policy Act.

Regarding human rights issues, Cho also said, “We are watching with anger and pain the US’ crimes against humanity, which invaded Iraq 20 years ago, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians, and plunged the Middle East into war.” He insisted that he did not deserve to be pointed out.

Previously, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield raised the North Korean human rights issue and emphasized CVID at a UN Security Council open meeting held in New York on the 20th (local time).

Im Seong-jae of YTN ([email protected])

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