Yolanthe Cabau: ‘Many things went differently than I had hoped’

Yolanthe was born on the Spanish island of Ibiza and also spent her early years there. But because her father became addicted, her mother moved to the Netherlands when Yolanthe was five years old, along with seven other siblings. “After we left, my father closed the doors of the house behind him and went to live elsewhere,” the actress wrote.

But luckily Yolanthe’s father was able to kick his addiction and sixteen years later he took her again to the parental home in Ibiza. ‘On a rickety bench by the desolate swimming pool, he told me his life story, so that I better understood where he came from’, writes Yolanthe.

Her father died a few years later and Yolanthe subsequently inherited the house, which she immediately renovated and where she discovered that she was pregnant with her now five-year-old son Xess Xava.

‘Two weeks before my delivery I was still walking around with a big horn. Now to see how he plays here every day, learns to swim in the same pool as I do. That’s special to me.’ Also, her mother comes to visit every year and her heart melts even though her life doesn’t go as planned. “Many things in my life have turned out differently than I had hoped. I carry it with me, and that’s okay, but I focus on the things that do me good. I look at my son and I see myself in him. He has the same smile as that little YoYo from back then’, Yolanthe writes candidly.

She therefore concludes her column appropriately: ‘I hope that Xess will one day be here with his children and continue to accumulate all his happy memories.’ The entire GraziaYolanthe’s column is here read back.


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