“US Fed Cautious on Employment and Inflation, Senior Officials Support Rate Freeze in June”

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Fed “signs of slowing employment and inflation”… Senior officials support rate freeze in June

A report from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) suggests that US employment and inflation are showing some signs of slowing.

“Employment increased in most regions, but at a slower rate than in previous reports,” the Fed said in its Economic Trends Report released on the last day of May.

“Inflation has risen to a moderate level,” he said, “and the pace of inflation has slowed in many regions.”

Some Fed officials made public comments suggesting a rate freeze in June, with Fed Director Philip Jefferson, who has been nominated as the next Fed Vice-Chair, weighing the possibility of keeping rates the same.

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2023-06-01 01:04:26
#Fed #signs #slowing #employment #inflation.. #Senior #officials #support #rate #freeze #June

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