Two Arrested for Stabbing and Possession of Firearms

The offended man is said to have called AMK himself to say that he had been stabbed.

– We were involved early on. The man was found outdoors, and based on the information we now have, the stabbing should also have taken place outdoors, said operations manager in the East police district, Gisle Sveen to NRK at around 3.40pm.

The man was later picked up by an air ambulance after it became clear that he was seriously injured.

The victim must be an adult man.

Now the police believe that the stabbing must have happened inside a home near where the man was found.

– We have cordoned off a home in which we believe the incident took place. Now we are waiting for forensic experts to examine the home, says the police’s incident leader at the scene, Ketil Lund, to NRK.

Two people arrested

The operation manager says that so far they have not arrested any suspects, but two people have been arrested by a police patrol.

– A patrol has arrested two men who were at the scene. They are now being worked on with an alibi check, but so far they have not been arrested, says Sveen.

According to Sveen, it is not a matter of someone being casually offended. Both people are also known to the police.

According to the operation manager, the two men have now been arrested.

– These men have now been arrested. A weapon was found in connection with the arrest of the men. What they are charged with is currently not known to me, says Sveen to NRK at 16:00.

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He further says that the police are familiar with both of the arrested men from before, but are currently aware of whether the men have any relation to the man who was stabbed.

Both people are now charged with grievous bodily harm, write VG.

– They are charged with grievous bodily harm and illegal possession of firearms, says the head of prosecution investigations in the Police in the East to the newspaper.

In addition, the police in the area are working to speak to witnesses.

– It is an investigation that is in the early stages, but we are working to collect information on what has happened, he says.

2023-05-29 15:41:48

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